Photo by Howard Lipin, San Diego Union Tribune

In new book, ‘Lost Boy’ Alephonsion Deng shares the story of his journey from war-torn Sudan to San Diego

by Denise Davidson For five years, Alephonsion “Alepho” Deng ran during the night with many other young Sudanese boys to evade capture. Close to starvation, he covered a thousand miles on foot — without wearing shoes or parental guidance. To survive, he had to dodge bombs and circumvent dangerous terrain filled with wild lions and […]


First Visit Home: Juol, South Sudan

In 2005, Benson Deng returned to Sudan to see his village and his mother for the first time in 18 years. Follow his journey in these Los Angeles Times Articles: In 2008, Alephonsion Deng made the journey home to his village, Juol, in South Sudan and visited his mother for the first time […]